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Number 1  Private Detective Agency In Ahmedabad.

National Detective Agency is the Number 1 Private Detective Agency in Ahmedabad. We have more than 5000 full time investigators in our network to provide you Detective service in any part of India. We have solved Hundreds of Thousands of Cases including personal investigation to Corporate Investigation with 100% Client's Satisfaction. Our Detectives are Highly Skilled and Experienced to understand and Solve Your problems. 

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About Us

Our Agency (National Detective Agency) Offers Personal Detective Service and Corporate Detective service in Mumbai. It Include Surveillance and services like pre post marital investigation , spouse cheating investigation , Teenager Monitoring, Employee Investigation and Many Other Services. We have 5000+ Private Detectives in our network and work as team to solve any kind of case in any city of India. We Widely offers our service in Ahmedabad and Delhi. Remember We Are top Detective agency who provide Most efficient Private Detectives to solve your problems.

Our Services

We Offers all Kind of Personal and Corporate Detective Service to solve your problems. Few Among them listed below.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

pre marital verification

Our Private Detective Agency appoint you dedicated detective to investigate your potential life partner. We believe that Marriages are made in heaven but we also recommend you to get all information about your partner before getting into relationship. Your private detective will investigate about Family background, Financial Strength, Education, Job or Business, Habits, Previous Relationships secretly so that you can make wise decision. 

Teenager Monitoring

teenager Monitoring

As Your Kids Grows , Their Risk taking capacities also grows. They want to do Social Experiment with their life and Most of them end with bad fate, fall into trouble like Drugs, Drinking and Driving having unprotected Physical Relationship and many other. To Track Your Teen's Activities, You must hire Private Detective so that you know Your Kids and Take appropriate actions before its too late.

Employee Investigation

employee investigation

Employees are extremely important part of any Business and Organization. A single bad employee can take your entire business into risk and damage your brand value or reputation that you earned by working hard in years. Our Private Detective agency offers you Best Solution for Employee investigation in India that will help you to know your employee like background of employee, Nature of employee, Honesty, Experience and Much More. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation

post marital investigation

Do your Spouse Activities look suspicious? Do you really know about your life partner's daily activities? You Must protect your relationship by taking corrective actions by hiring Our Private Detective Agency who can Investigate daily activities of your life partner. It include Where your partner spent time, details of peoples your partner interacted, Phone calls, SMS, Social Media Interactions and much more. All Information will be confidential.

Evidence Collection

evidence collection

Do You fall Into any kind of Legal Trouble? You know the facts but don't have evidence to prove it? Evidence collection is very essential requirement of successful litigation in cases related to all types of court matters. Our Expert Private Detective Team will help you find our evidence by knowing facts related to your case and help you in getting out of Legal Troubles as soon as possible. Call Us Now.

Personal Investigation

personal investigation

World is changing so fast, So We are busy in our day to day life to adopt that change. We See New faces daily and few of them become part of our daily life. We don't know much about their past, their family background or these people are actually trustworthy? Something All This end with Legal Troubles. Hire Private Detective Agency For Personal Investigation to track activities of targeted person Anywhere in India. This Service Help you to know True Identity of Targeted person.

Testimonials Ahmedabad

Mamta Patel (Ahmedabad)

I was happily married for last 4 years, and have two kids now. But, Activities of my husband became suspicious, I was in such a mental trauma and stress that couldn't discuss this doubt with anyone, and it was increasing day by day. I just didn't want to spoil my married life just on behalf of raw suspicion. First I was hesitant but once I made a phone call, they comforted me with their assurance of privacy and assistance. The problem is solved now, there was no evidence of extra marital act, my life and family is happier than ever !!

Mamta Patel (Ahmedabad)
Mukesh Bansal(Ahmedabad)

Our Company deals in Jewellery and Diamond business, we have the most unique concepts and designs to float in Indian as well as Overseas Markets. But one of our employees in designing department was suspected to sell our original designs and concepts to other competitors by getting hefty bribes. We had doubts but not a proof to catch him red handed, so we hired national detectives & they solved this problem and set a Sting trap with video and audio proofs. We thank this agency and got rid of an untrustworthy employee damaging our business !!

Mukesh Bansal(Ahmedabad)
Megha Agarwal

I was in relationship with this guy for last 2 years, eventually it turned out to be love later, and i wanted to settle down for marriage, but I had certain doubts about his past life and background. I wanted some confidence before introducing my boyfriend to my parents. Someone suggested me National Detectives for Investigation. Team Did Investigation on the basis of my doubts. Loyalty test was made and He Came out Clean, No Footprint left behind about this loyalty test 馃檪 . Really Excellent Service, I recommend National Detective Agency. 

Megha Agarwal
Arun Arora(Ahmedabad)

We are a leading JOBS provider in metro cities of India. Our credentials and decades of corporate assistance is highly respected in our profession. Sometimes, there are certain doubts, which corporate officers and companies do not wish to discuss and disclose publicly about the employees or prospective employees, they hire our services which in nutshell depends upon detective agencies. For last 4 years, we have been getting verification services from National Detectives, they always HIT Bulls Eye and bring back the most perfect feedback. 100% satisfied with National Detective agency

Arun Arora(Ahmedabad)

Case Studies of Private Detective Service In Ahmedabad

A girl had been married few years ago. It was arranged marriage the father of girl was government engineer. Her husband was businessman. In starting days relationship was running pretty well but after some months marriage among them was not working properly.

Her husband started asking dowry and money from her father. Which was not acceptable for her. She try her best to fix but she couldn't fix. She decided for divorce and filed divorce. After divorce she wanted to become self independent and she decided to work in a BPO company.

While working in BPO she got attracted to a man who was her colleague. But she afraid due to her past later they started dating each other she was feeling happy around him. After some months she thought for marrying him but she had never discussed that she is divorcee. She was very afraid that if she will discuss about her divorce then her present relationship will be affected.

She was very upset but after some days she decided to discuss the secret which she hided from him and she told him about her previous marriage. Now her boyfriend said that he was too married and he is also divorced because his previous relations did not work well. He was also afraid to discuss because he did not want to ruin present relation among them.

So the problem of girl was solved but a new problem created before marrying him she wanted to know about previous marriage life of her boyfriend and what are the true reasons of divorce ? Does he has any child? is he hiding something? because she did not any trouble after this marriage as in past she had suffered a bad relation. So she searched for Best Private Investigation Agency in Ahmedabad for Pre Marital Investigation and She Contacted us for Her Case.

Next day she called to our Private detective agency and she discussed her problem. What we got from investigation : It was post matrimonial investigation case for us. So we send team of best matrimonial detectives for investigation of the divorce case. Our detective team started working. The investigator team was first focused on her boyfriend after surveillance and shadowing of the boy he was found neat and clean and he was belonging to a good family.

Our next investigation was focused on divorce reason. First step was to find the girl with whom he was married earlier. We also hired a lawyer for searching divorce paper. In next two days we found out the girl and she was married with another person. So it was very tough to discuss with girl about her previous marriage. But from her neighborhood we investigated that she has a mental problem and her behavior towards neighborhood was also not good.

We also found out the divorce paper and there it was clearly mentioned about her mental problem. So the reasons of divorce was found easily within eight days and boy's background was neat and clean. The lady also sent me invitation card of her marriage. They both are living happily together. Name and address of the client is hidden for confidential purpose.

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