How a Personal Detective Agency Functions

You might have seen in movies and TV shows or read in books about personal detectives and how they carry out their work. But the question is does it really work like that in real life too? Sure, there are some resemblances but the whole functioning of a personal detective agency or a personal detective is far more stretched than you can imagine. It isn’t all that fun like they portray in pop culture and involves a certain amount of risk depending upon the acquired task. There are some complexities in governing a personal detective agency but it isn’t really that difficult for a common person to understand. Over here at National Detectives, the entire process of investigation is carried out in a professional manner without any loose ends. So, if you are looking to hire a reliable personal detective, you can visit here. This is how a personal detective agency function.

● Initiation


The very first step in any personal detective agency is receiving an order from a client to perform investigation; hence the stage is called initiation. In this stage, the customer or client provides the information relating to investigation and subjects that are part of it. Once the information is received, the primary task of the agency is to perform a background check on subjects. For example, if it is a corporate related issue then the background check will be carried out on suspected employee or if the case is related to matrimonial discord then suspect will have his/her background check carried out. In any case, this step holds a lot of importance for the proper functioning of any personal detective agency because it sets the stage for what is going to come up next. If initiation is perfect then it becomes less hectic for the next steps to be processed.

● Getting on the field


Now that all the information is collected it’s time to get on the field. This is a very crucial stage in the functioning of a case because it is going to determine the end result. Detectives are selected as per caliber and priority of the case in this stage and they are put to work by the agencies. The amount that you are going to pay for hiring detectives is also mostly determined by this stage because it is the most longer stage in carrying out an investigation. It could take a couple of days or even months sometimes, depending on how things turn out or if something unexpected happens. Detectives working in this stage have to be super attentive and skilled in their work because it generally involves spying on the subject, installing devices like camera or microphone in places where suspect visits etc. and that’s the reason that people working in this section have to be extra careful because even a little mismatching can cause the entire case to get faltered down. But on the other hand, if everything goes smooth and just as planned, almost 90% of the case gets solved.

● Securing proofs and reporting


All the hard work put into above 2 stages comes down to this last stage. After periodic scrutiny and spying, detectives get a good idea on what’s occurring. It’s either that the suspect is guilty or suspect is clean. All of this depends on the proofs that are secured in the last stages of the investigation. If sufficient amount of proofs are secured that can prove suspect to be guilty then investigation is stopped but if no conclusive evidence or proofs are found then investigation keeps on going to the point where suspect turns out to be clean but if the situation is the former then the final report is prepared and submitted in the agency. After that, it is asked to the client whether he wants to go for legal proceedings or not and at this point the entire procedure comes to an end.
So, these are three primary regions within which the entire functioning of personal detective agencies revolves around. There are sub-steps too within them but they are only required in large scale investigations.


For regulating the case in a proper manner all possible information related with the suspect is required. Information like- his/her name, background, profession, family, affair (if any), property, financial status, social status and rest all are mandatory depending on the nature of the investigation.

The factors which you should consider while hiring a detective agency are-

  • Experience of the detective agency
  • Cost per investigation
  • Way of working
  • The image in the market
  • The effectual of the evidence.

Nowadays it is extremely easy to find a detective agency in Delhi with the help of the internet. But by my personal experience, I would like to suggest that go with National Detectives as it is the leading detective agency in Delhi.

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