How can I become a government detective in India?

How can I become a government detective in India?

With growing opportunities in every emerging sector, it has become a dying need to enhance skills as per the requirements. Keeping the same thing in mind, there are certain necessities you need to cater to. One of such emerging sectors is the job of a government detective. Being in an industry where things are so adventurous yet risky at the same time. Passion is one thing that can get you going in this career line. The profession requires a bunch of multifaceted skills and tough mental abilities that can solve any intense problem.


  • Improve your skills

 Be it a desk task or fieldwork. The skills need to be so quick and precise that risk too should be calculated. Further, apart from these things you also need to be well aware of the eligibility criterion and other related important details about this. You can join any detective agency first for experience and practical exposure.


  • Join CID

  if you want to be a government detective then it is advisable to you to join CID which stands for Crime Investigation Department. As you must have known that CID is a crime detective agency which comes under the Government of India. It is among the most important departments of the police organization. All those officers who work in this department are known as detectives or most popularly as CID officer. The position is a respectable one and the career opportunities are also really good in this field.


  • Be a learner

 Mostly detectives investigate cases like serious assault case, robberies, fraud, murder case or any serious crime. They perform all types of investigative duties such as gathering facts, collecting evidence for criminal fraud and cases etc. The main job as a detective is to catch the criminal, collect evidence and present time in the court. Departmental subdivisions include fingerprints/footprints bureau anti-human trafficking and missing persons bureau, dog squad Prime inspection and scientific research center at there are various other posts available in the CID department and of course the eligibility criteria differ from post to post.


  • Construct your abilities

Now if we talk about the eligibility for CID officer then there are many messages available for CID candidates. The entry level is determined by the grade you held in your respective field. The minimum qualification required for a candidate join as an assistant inspector at the Crime Investigation Department is class 12th pass. If one expires to join as a sub-inspector industrial graduate as it is also the requirement of the position of the agent moreover criminology course comes as an additional benefit for the due course there are many universities in India that offer courses in criminology as per the requirements.


  • Play your role

 The role of a detective requires a precise look of details, excellent memory, the fair judgement of character and experience of working alone and as a part of a team of other officers. The position is way too respectful and it is one of the most prestigious positions in various departments. The procedure is really simple once you get to understand the whole procedure. Detectives and investigators usually work on a full-time basis. Along with the shifts during the weekends and the nights without seniority.


  • Remuneration

 On the other hand, there can be great personal remuneration in serving the public need for justice and protection on a whole level. This career specifically carries a higher than average of being abreast with criminal personal injury and even death in some cases. There are also many and online courses available for the same purpose. Apart from CID, you can also go for NIA which means National Investigation Agency. Now again this is a department which comes under Government of India. Apart from the private sector in joining a detective agency. There are many golden chances of being placed in a government detective in India. From the hardships of procuring secure future, you can grab the opportunity




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