How do I start my own detective agency?

In this era where technologies are getting advanced with each passing day, even more, people are concerned about new opportunities that are available for them. New and innovative career opportunities are blooming in almost each and every sector. But when it comes to a field which is comparatively lesser popular among people that can be multiple examples in front of us. One such field we are talking about here is detective agency. People have seen or heard about detective agencies mostly in a fiction work be it a book or a documentary or something else.

● How to get started with the skills required for it – The exact skills required for the license difference from state to state however having an experience in law enforcement work military field can be a deal of big help in getting started also having experience working as a detective for a law for other agency can be another valuable addition to your skills when you are planning to get started with your own detective agency

● The overview of opportunities – Although, career opportunities in the field of detective agency and investigation are quite brighter. But still, it is not much popular among people in India as a career option. Although there are ample reasons as to why there is not much influence in the sector especially in India. But still, it is slowly gaining popularity as the buzz is getting intensified with time. Private detectives actually help their clients with a bit more wider range of issues. Now, this may be related to the personal, financial or legal aspects of their case. This business is ideally great for people who are highly adaptable their environment. Reason being, the work will vary with every location, task and types and demand frequent migration.

● Working operations- Private detective has the responsibilities where the job of daily activities may be completely different from date today. Some of these duties include writing reports and case summary, going Undercover at different businesses, reviewing the transaction records, security videos and database and other things that can serve as proof to some case. The person may also be called upon to show the findings. This mostly happens in the case of fraud or any other criminal activity. Now if we talk about the target market there is no specific boundary in this regard. If we talk about how to make money out of this investigation field, then you should know some important points before proceeding further. Generally, the private detective agency makes money by charging clients an hourly fee for various services.

Costs involved in most cases private detective businesses start of the home with all the effectiveness, for example, investigators are able to start their businesses for less than $3,000 This includes the cost of a laptop, video camera, covert cameras and various equipment. It should be $ 2400 or less to purchase various office supplies.

● Steps to start the private detective agency – Once you feel you are ready to start your private industry consider these steps to ensure that your business is legally valid.

– Plan your business as it is essential for success. Choosing the right name is also very important. It is always recommended to check if the business name you choose is available as a web domain.
– It is advisable to form a legal entity as per the rules and compliance standards
– Register for state and Federal taxes
– Set up business accounting
– Acquire necessary permits and license
– Comprehend your brand and establish your web presence

● Promotion and marketing of a private detective agency – It is recommended to have a custom website that provides customers with an overview of services, pricing and contact information. Creating a social media presence for your business provides the best way for people to learn more about your business.


If you want to get a licence to run the private agency in a state, you need to apply in the private detective agency regulation board.

If one wants to start a private investigation agency legally then he/she needs to get a licence for a private detective regulation board.

In India the licencing process of a private detective agency is governed by The Private Detective Agencies (Regulation) Bill, 2007.

You can start a private detective agency with just the least investment from home in the following manner-

  • Plan about your firm
  • Compile all legal formalities
  • Get registration for taxes
  • Establish your business accounting
  • Appoint detectives
  • Get in action.

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