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We Provide Best Detective Service in Mumbai .

We are the top Private Detective agency in Mumbai, Maharastra as we handled more than 1000+ Cases in Mumbai Alone. We are the largest network of Private Detective in India with more than 5000+ detective working together to serve our Service in All Cities in India. All our Detectives are highly experienced. We can help you in both Personal and Corporate Investigations with 100% Satisfaction.

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About National Detective in Mumbai

National Detective Agency have highest number of private detective working as team to solve problems of our clients. More than 5000 private detectives working together as team to cover almost every major cities of India. In Maharashtra, Mumbai is the city where we have employed more than 50 Private Detective that are highly experienced and solved more than ten thousand cases together till 2022.

Our Detective Agency provide all kind of service such as Pre Marital Investigation , Post marital investigation , Teenager investigation, Employment verification Service , Spouse cheating Investigation Service, Sting Operation Service and all other kind of investigations.

You Can Hire our service because we have largest number of highly skilled detectives operating in Mumbai, Already helped thousands of people by successful execution of their cases. Our Main objective to Solve Your problem as soon as possible with 100% Privacy. Our Detectives have all kind of modern gadgets that are essential to collect evidences.

Our Services

We Offers all Kind of Personal and Corporate Detective Service to solve your problems. Few Among them listed below.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

pre marital verification

Our Private Detective Agency appoint you dedicated detective to investigate your potential life partner. We believe that Marriages are made in heaven but we also recommend you to get all information about your partner before getting into relationship. Your private detective will investigate about Family background, Financial Strength, Education, Job or Business, Habits, Previous Relationships secretly so that you can make wise decision. 

Teenager Monitoring

teenager Monitoring

As Your Kids Grows , Their Risk taking capacities also grows. They want to do Social Experiment with their life and Most of them end with bad fate, fall into trouble like Drugs, Drinking and Driving having unprotected Physical Relationship and many other. To Track Your Teen's Activities, You must hire Private Detective so that you know Your Kids and Take appropriate actions before its too late.

Employee Investigation

employee investigation

Employees are extremely important part of any Business and Organization. A single bad employee can take your entire business into risk and damage your brand value or reputation that you earned by working hard in years. Our Private Detective agency offers you Best Solution for Employee investigation in India that will help you to know your employee like background of employee, Nature of employee, Honesty, Experience and Much More. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation

post marital investigation

Do your Spouse Activities look suspicious? Do you really know about your life partner's daily activities? You Must protect your relationship by taking corrective actions by hiring Our Private Detective Agency who can Investigate daily activities of your life partner. It include Where your partner spent time, details of peoples your partner interacted, Phone calls, SMS, Social Media Interactions and much more. All Information will be confidential.

Evidence Collection

evidence collection

Do You fall Into any kind of Legal Trouble? You know the facts but don't have evidence to prove it? Evidence collection is very essential requirement of successful litigation in cases related to all types of court matters. Our Expert Private Detective Team will help you find our evidence by knowing facts related to your case and help you in getting out of Legal Troubles as soon as possible. Call Us Now.

Personal Investigation

personal investigation

World is changing so fast, So We are busy in our day to day life to adopt that change. We See New faces daily and few of them become part of our daily life. We don't know much about their past, their family background or these people are actually trustworthy? Something All This end with Legal Troubles. Hire Private Detective Agency For Personal Investigation to track activities of targeted person Anywhere in India. This Service Help you to know True Identity of Targeted person.

What People Say About Our Detective Service From Mumbai

Raj Vadgama (Mumbai)

Awesome Private Investigation Agency. May Best Detective Agency in Mumbai. Hired their service so that i can save my married life by taking corrective actions. Investigation was done properly , all details provided what i was looking for. Now enjoying my life with family without any trouble. Thanks National Detective Team!

Raj Vadgama (Mumbai)
Sachin Rawat ( Mumbai)

I am 32 year old and I found a girl on matrimonial website. Because of many frauds happening via matrimonial website, My Parents suggested me to hire private detective agency that can do proper investigation. We hired National Detective for this purpose. They completed investigation within few days. Communication was excellent.

Sachin Rawat ( Mumbai)
Poonam Bhardwaj ( Mumbai)

I suspected That My Husband may cheat on me. My Parents hired National Detective agency to track my husband's activities. Private detectives did great job by providing me enough evidence. When My Husband caught red handed, He Promised to change himself and will never do these cheap things again. National Detective saved my married life.

Poonam Bhardwaj ( Mumbai)
Ritika Kamboj ( Mumbai)

I was a divorcee, I liked one guy in my office who seems to perfect match for me. but because of past experience i was afraid to getting into relationship again. My Sister hired National Detective agency for private investigation. Everything Goes Perfect. Today I am Married to the same guy. Investigation results were good and answered all my questions.

Ritika Kamboj ( Mumbai)

Case Study Of Private Detective Service in Mumbai

Our Private Detective Agency Got a Call from A Lady Who Live in Mumbai for Private Detective Service in Mumbai. One couple was living in Navi Mumbai, it was arranged marriage 4 years ago. Husband was working in an IT company. Relationship among couple was very good and The Couple was blessed with a daughter (2 Year old).

Since last three months, the relationship was not working good. They often had quarrel on very small discussion. The lady was very worried about drastic change in her husband as he was also not giving quality time to baby. He was always arriving late night at home and complaining of extra work at office.

She got a doubt of her husband having extra marital affair. She was very upset those day and no idea what to do. One day, A friend of her suggested our detective agency (National Detective) to get Private detective Service to collect more information about her husband. We Appointed Few Private Detective to Keep Vigil on Her Husband whenever he out of home.

What We Investigated: It was adultery case for us. We took the basic information from client such as Name, Photograph, Vehicle Number of the suspect. Next day we send our team at the residential address of the man in civil dress equipped with spy gadgets. Detective team followed him from home to office and he returned home at time.

Day 2: Our Private Detective team started shadowing him from home but in the evening after missing from the office he went to another society apartment and he spent there 3-4 hours back to home. Day 3 and Day 4 same activities was noticed. As we reported the lady that he is daily visiting following apartment but according to the lady his one of male friend is staying in that apartment and she knows him. After surveillance and shadowing next two more days we were not getting any proof of extramarital affair or adultery. But lady was very sure about extra matrimonial affair. Then we send one of our Private Detective as undercover agent and he made good friendship with security guards and asked CCTV footage of apartment. Yes in CCTV videos he was found with a girl holding her hand near lift.

What We advised to lady?  The lady got very upset and asked what should she do ? and which steps should she take ? As the man got caught red handed but he was feeling very guilty for this mistake, he was asking forgiveness and explaining that girl was college mate they both meet 2 months ago. He promised and took oath for not doing again in his life and he loves his wife and baby.

So we suggested to forgive him and give him chance as he loves you and little sacrifice is needed in relationship. Now both are living happily. Name and Address of the people is hidden for confidential purpose.

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