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We Are Best Detective Agency In Noida

National Detective Agency Offers Best Detectives Services in Noida. We already solved more than thousands of cases including 100’s of high profile cases.  We are the team of 5000+ Expert Private detective. that is Largest Network of Private detective in India.

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About National Detective Agency in Noida

National Detectives is not just a private investigation agency but it’s a label of trust. We are here to accept the responsibility of creating a happy life for you. At the present time, the stories of cheating, fraud, double game, dishonesty, scams are getting extremely common. These things have forced us to stand as major protection from all these cruel realities. National Detectives understands the importance of being a reliable personal investigation agency. Our ultimate aim is to make you free from the chains of problems. If you are anxiously looking for a phenomenal investigation agency in the areas of Noida, Delhi NCR or Gurgaon then mark your stoppage at National Detectives.
We are the proud team of proficient personal investigation agents. National Detective regulates the specialized training program in the field of investigation. This training program leads to the production of capable personal investigation agents. The verification skills of these agents specify the credibility of our investigation agency. It is needless of telling you that the better a personal investigation agency the effective the private detective agency. All and all this perspective of National Detectives contributes a lot in weaving a carefree life of our clients. We are striving towards the excess; the silence of investigation oriented services.
We are well familiar with the fact that an investigation operation carries the potential of mending your difficulties. This is the only reason why National detectives are coming forward with the options of conducting pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial investigation, divorce case investigation, teenager monitoring operation, property-based investigation, employee-based investigation and many more other such investigations for you. If you are facing any kind of complication which relates directly with these type of investigation then feel free to reach us with no delays.
One thing which separates us from the long list of our competitors is our style of working. We prefer to follow the distinctive approach of our investigation before switching towards the action. Our appreciable experience assists us in chalking out simply perfect inspection policies for you. We have completed a long way in the respective stream. This is why we know how to handle any kind of challenging situation. Apart from that, we are also fair on the grounds of pricing so now there is no need to think twice at the time of initiating contact with us.
National Detective has managed to fabricate a strong network of satisfied clients. It is not at all to bear the mental trauma of difficult. What else you want when we are here for you. All you are supposed to do is give us a call, share your problem, discuss it with our personal investigation agent and you are done. Our squad will handle everything afterwards. We never forget to deliver the best possible evidence at the end of our every single investigation operation. This evidence eventually support you in figuring out your success in the verification phase. Let us guard your happiness with our dedicated efforts.

Our Services

We Offers all Kind of Personal and Corporate Detective Service to solve your problems. Few Among them listed below.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

pre marital verification

Our Private Detective Agency appoint you dedicated detective to investigate your potential life partner. We believe that Marriages are made in heaven but we also recommend you to get all information about your partner before getting into relationship. Your private detective will investigate about Family background, Financial Strength, Education, Job or Business, Habits, Previous Relationships secretly so that you can make wise decision. 

Teenager Monitoring

teenager Monitoring

As Your Kids Grows , Their Risk taking capacities also grows. They want to do Social Experiment with their life and Most of them end with bad fate, fall into trouble like Drugs, Drinking and Driving having unprotected Physical Relationship and many other. To Track Your Teen's Activities, You must hire Private Detective so that you know Your Kids and Take appropriate actions before its too late.

Employee Investigation

employee investigation

Employees are extremely important part of any Business and Organization. A single bad employee can take your entire business into risk and damage your brand value or reputation that you earned by working hard in years. Our Private Detective agency offers you Best Solution for Employee investigation in India that will help you to know your employee like background of employee, Nature of employee, Honesty, Experience and Much More. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation

post marital investigation

Do your Spouse Activities look suspicious? Do you really know about your life partner's daily activities? You Must protect your relationship by taking corrective actions by hiring Our Private Detective Agency who can Investigate daily activities of your life partner. It include Where your partner spent time, details of peoples your partner interacted, Phone calls, SMS, Social Media Interactions and much more. All Information will be confidential.

Evidence Collection

evidence collection

Do You fall Into any kind of Legal Trouble? You know the facts but don't have evidence to prove it? Evidence collection is very essential requirement of successful litigation in cases related to all types of court matters. Our Expert Private Detective Team will help you find our evidence by knowing facts related to your case and help you in getting out of Legal Troubles as soon as possible. Call Us Now.

Personal Investigation

personal investigation

World is changing so fast, So We are busy in our day to day life to adopt that change. We See New faces daily and few of them become part of our daily life. We don't know much about their past, their family background or these people are actually trustworthy? Something All This end with Legal Troubles. Hire Private Detective Agency For Personal Investigation to track activities of targeted person Anywhere in India. This Service Help you to know True Identity of Targeted person.

Testimonials Noida

Prashant Shekhawat(Noida)

I was proposed for an arranged marriage by reference from relatives of native place. Being the Eldest Son, and regard for parents I couldn't say "NO" without any reason. I wanted more time to settle with my career & wanted to pursue MBA Ahead. I met this girl twice and she seemed very aggressive on getting married instantly. So i had a doubt about her intentions and background. I investigated and hired National Detectives, they brought me the real picture of unseen story, this girl had two affairs in past, out of which she had a scandalous impression in society. Great Service by National Detectives

Prashant Shekhawat(Noida)
Shreya Nagpal (Noida)

My Sister was going through the toughest phase of life. Her married and personal life was almost in brink of disaster. She married a wrong man by her personal choice who had illicit extra matrimonial affairs out of married life. But we were clueless how to catch him red handed. Later someone suggested National Detectives For Private Detective Services and their expertise services on these subjects. Without losing further time, we assigned them this job and the man was caught red handed, but thank god further ahead my sister's life was saved from becoming hell.

Shreya Nagpal (Noida)
Vikrant Singh (Noida)

We have a joint family, and jointly own a big ancestral property scattered in different locations. But some property has been fraudulently sold without informing us, and we are not yet sure, as documentation part is not over legally. As we live outside India, it was not possible for us to move to India and investigate this story. I searched for personal detective services and got connected with National Detectives, they solved our doubts and problems within flat 15 days, thanks, we are defensive now, and have moved a precautionary application with Local Authorities regarding any further developments on property part.

Vikrant Singh (Noida)
Raju Sahni(Noida)

My Younger Brother loved someone and desperate to marry her. She is a beautiful girl. My brother approached me to talk about this matter with parents so that he can marry her. I know Nothing about her. I hired National Detectives to Investigate about her and family deeply before taking this matter to parents. Private Detectives took a  week to investigate her and family background. Everything seems fine to me. All Information Provided in Highly Professional Way.  Great Job Done by National Detective Team. 100% Recommended For Quality Service.

Raju Sahni(Noida)

Case Studies of Private Detective Service In Noida

Real Case Study From Noida : Six years ago, a couple was married. It was an arrange marriage. Both couple were working in reputed IT companies. Starting three years of their marriage everything was going properly and happily. There was love and joy among them but it didn't last long.

The girl became more demanding she started asking money, in initial days there was not any problem but when she continuously started asking money he became very upset. Whenever he asked why is she asking money, her reply was that she needs for shopping and personal expenses. Whenever he refused she start fighting.

Relationship among them became worst when his in laws started interfering in their life. Sometimes she threatened for suicide. When he make a decision to divorce, she was asking huge amount for compensation which he was unable to pay. He was going through very hard and he was in dilemma what to do or not to do.

He was having suspect that all these drama by her wife are planned and pointed by his in-laws. So he reach a decision to investigate about in-laws intention. why they are ruining his life? what are their purpose? Therefore, He appoint us for private detective services in Noida to solving his case.

We organize our best detectives from our agency to investigate this case. Our detectives went to native place of the girl's family. After investigate for few days, detectives find out that that lady wed earlier with other person. While investigation, we found her first husband.

After inquiry, that person said that he was too upset with her behavior and left her. He never divorced her. Her family was also demanding from him. All the investigation report was very clear girl's family was involved in fraudster. They were demanding money for their personal benefit and the girl was not divorcee from her first marriage.

Our client was very satisfied with investigation and he got divorce very easily with the help of evidence what we provided.

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