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National Detective Services Are Best In India

We Provide Best Detective Services in almost all cities of India as we have the biggest network of Private Detectives. We offers all services that requires Investigations such as pre matrimonial Investigation to Post Matrimonial Investigation, Teenager vigilance to Child custody Investigations. We do loyalty test and Spouse cheating investigations. We can crack competitor business information for you, Can perform investigation of your clients to reduce your business risk and Much More. 

Personal Detective Services

Personal Detective Service

Personal Detective Service helps you to learn more about people you already know. This service will unearth more personal information about the targeted people so that you can make perfect decision with your relationships.

Pre Marital Investigation

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Pre Matrimonial Investigation includes family background check, Social Status, Past life, Habits, Daily Activities and all other information ask by You. This will help you taking wise decision before fall into any relationship.

Divorce and Court Cases

divorce cases

We Can Help you In Divorce and Court Cases by Investigating your case. Providing you enough evidence that may help you court of law to make your case stronger. Without any evidence, You will end with poor fate and court will reject your claim.

Loyalty Test

Loyalty Test Services

Are you sure that People You Trust are loyal to You? In Most cases, Most trusted people betray other people. If you want to know who is loyal to you in your life, You must Organize a loyalty test for them. We can help you With Privacy.

Spouse Cheating

spouse cheating

Are you afraid that your spouse is cheating you? If yes, You Must Hire Spouse Cheating Investigation Service to Know the truth that may not came into light without investigation. Protect your future by taking corrective action Now.

Post Marital Investigation

post matrimonial Investigation

Post Marital Investigation will help you to detect all activities of your spouse. You can Get information such as Interaction with other people, SMS , Phone call, Social media activities, Visited places in your absence and much more.

Surveillance / Shadowing


Surveillance and shadowing are two of the most effective methods of obtaining information anonymously. We carry out these activities in the most professional way possible. We have a team of highly trained detectives who have the experience in Surveillance and shadowing.

Child Custody

child custody national detective

After Divorce, Child Custody is an issue. Who will get Child Custody? This Depend on Proper Investigation and Evidence for Child Custody Claims. Keep Vigil on guardian to know how secure is your child. What's the future of your Lovely Kid.

Teenager Monitoring

Teenager Monitoring

Teenager Life is very critical age of any person. In This Period, We can build our future or destroy it as our ideology develop in this age. If You have busy schedule and Don't know what your kids doing in their daily life. You Must hire Teenager Monitoring Service.

Corporate Detective Services

Corporate Detective Service

Most of Business Collapse Because of Poor Information related to their business. Fraud By Third Party is very basic reason for business troubles. Sometimes, Legal Problem appears and Entire business model collapse. Our Corporate Detective service will help you by provide you accurate data related to your business after deep investigations. You can take your business to next level after taking corrective actions.

Sting Operations

Sting Operation Service

Sting Operation will be helpful to your business if you have doubt that any employee doing wrong within your business or Your business partner is planning betray you. Over 1000 Stings done Nation wide, with 100% Success ratio. Privacy maintained.

Asset Verification

Asset Verification Service

Asset Verification Service help you protecting yourself from fraud or being cheated by third party. We will investigate about the assets actually exist or not, Owners of assets, Value of Assets. Best service before you enter into Joint Venture or For Property related Business.

Fraud Detection

Fraud Detection Service

Fraud Detection Service include investigation for Medium or Big Business accounts as they do audit on monthly basis or Quarterly basis. Its Really hard to maintain and keep vigil on books daily. This situation leave a room for fraud where employees can use fake transactions.

Patent & Trademark Investigation

Patent Trademark Service

Your company or business invented something Or have some great idea that you can implement? Before you proceed make sure its not already invented, Developed , Patented or Trademarked. We will help you to find it out and nothing found then we can help you in patent and trademark your creativity.

Litigation Support

Litigation support

Litigation Support Service helps you handle legal cases against your Business by third party, Or to Protect your legal rights that will protect your business from legal troubles. we also help you decide on the best approach to your case.

Credibility Investigation

Credibility Investigation

Credibility Investigation services useful when your business provide credit facility to your clients. All Clients are not same, All clients are not trustworthy. You can do business on basis of reference but sometime bad people take easy entry in your client's list.

Competitor Investigation


Competitor Investigation Service give you all possible details about your competitors. You will be always one step forward from your competitor. We will try to solve your Queries related to your competitors that will help you making strategies to grow your own business.

Business Information

Business Information

Planning to startup a business? Make sure you have correct and deep business information before investing into any business. Our Business information Service will help you to figure out what is the future of business you are planning, clients , turnovers, strategies and much more.

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