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 Top Private Detective Agency In Bangalore.

Our Agency (National Detective) is the Best Detective agency in Bangalore that serve Personal and Corporate Investigation service. More than 5000 Detectives in our network to solve any case in any city of India. We already solved 10000+ cases in Bangalore alone.

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About Us

Running a successful Private Detective agency is not an easy task, specially when you have to deliver your commitments. Generally, common man perceives detectives being dressed in hats, smoking cigars and wearing black suits ..etc etc. But the fact is entirely opposite to this. We and our service agents camouflage ourselves with the assigned surrounding to naturally that it becomes impossible to guess we are on some mission.

As modern life grows in complexity. It demands more and more systematic assessments for everything that surrounds our lives, be it personal relationships, divorce cases, business deals, employee verification, business assessment, overseas personal tracing or investigating a genuine property concern. All needs scientific approach without intimidating the person in concern.

This is our fundamental approach. We never let our target get any sense of our motives, the first principle of our detective approach is secrecy of both client and target of investigation. Not only we are well organized in services but we do take help of most modern gadgets implied to extract information without loss of time and making mistake, an approach of professional mistake in detective services is as dangerous as catching a tiger with bare hands without any safety measure.

Since 2013, we have been assigned major corporate tasks by India’s leading MNC’s for profile verification and Financial frauds investigations, which we have successfully delivered as per inputs. Relationship / Extra Marital investigations have been delivered almost 99% with factual information, that helped saved many families and legal complexities. If you need any suggestion or services, don’t hesitate to have a word with us, we will always guide you to best solution and of course satisfactory services.

Our Services

We Offers all Kind of Personal and Corporate Detective Service to solve your problems. Few Among them listed below.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

pre marital verification

Our Private Detective Agency appoint you dedicated detective to investigate your potential life partner. We believe that Marriages are made in heaven but we also recommend you to get all information about your partner before getting into relationship. Your private detective will investigate about Family background, Financial Strength, Education, Job or Business, Habits, Previous Relationships secretly so that you can make wise decision. 

Teenager Monitoring

teenager Monitoring

As Your Kids Grows , Their Risk taking capacities also grows. They want to do Social Experiment with their life and Most of them end with bad fate, fall into trouble like Drugs, Drinking and Driving having unprotected Physical Relationship and many other. To Track Your Teen's Activities, You must hire Private Detective so that you know Your Kids and Take appropriate actions before its too late.

Employee Investigation

employee investigation

Employees are extremely important part of any Business and Organization. A single bad employee can take your entire business into risk and damage your brand value or reputation that you earned by working hard in years. Our Private Detective agency offers you Best Solution for Employee investigation in India that will help you to know your employee like background of employee, Nature of employee, Honesty, Experience and Much More. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation

post marital investigation

Do your Spouse Activities look suspicious? Do you really know about your life partner's daily activities? You Must protect your relationship by taking corrective actions by hiring Our Private Detective Agency who can Investigate daily activities of your life partner. It include Where your partner spent time, details of peoples your partner interacted, Phone calls, SMS, Social Media Interactions and much more. All Information will be confidential.

Evidence Collection

evidence collection

Do You fall Into any kind of Legal Trouble? You know the facts but don't have evidence to prove it? Evidence collection is very essential requirement of successful litigation in cases related to all types of court matters. Our Expert Private Detective Team will help you find our evidence by knowing facts related to your case and help you in getting out of Legal Troubles as soon as possible. Call Us Now.

Personal Investigation

personal investigation

World is changing so fast, So We are busy in our day to day life to adopt that change. We See New faces daily and few of them become part of our daily life. We don't know much about their past, their family background or these people are actually trustworthy? Something All This end with Legal Troubles. Hire Private Detective Agency For Personal Investigation to track activities of targeted person Anywhere in India. This Service Help you to know True Identity of Targeted person.

Testimonials Bangalore

Shivaani Jagota (Bangalore)

I Got divorce in 2014 and looking for new mate from matrimonial website. Finally end up with a man who was also divorcee. Because of past experience i decided to hire a Private Detective Agency to investigate properly before moving further toward new relationship. National Detective agency found that all details provided by him was fake with evidence. My life got saved. I recommend National Detective.

Shivaani Jagota (Bangalore)
Sujeet Mishra(Bangalore)

I got married in Late 2015 and it was love marriage. After getting married her behavior was completely changed. She asked me to Divorce  and 50 lakh cash or else ready to face Dowry case and Physical harassment. My father Hired Private detective agency (National Detective) to help me. If National Agency was not there, My Life may end up in Prison. A Great thanks to Detective Team.  

Sujeet Mishra(Bangalore)
JayDeep Macchi(Bangalore)

I was married in 2015 and after few weeks, My wife started fighting with me almost every day with no reason. My sister doubted on my wife and asked me to hire National Detective In Bangalore to investigate the case more deeply. They found that my wife had pre marital affair and handed all evidence. Private Detective agency did great job with all pre cautions. 100% recommended.

JayDeep Macchi(Bangalore)
Deepak Kushwaha (Bangalore)

Our Clients number going down month after month even after our best efforts. We had No Clue, One of our loyal client then asked us to hire National Detective to investigate the matter. We Hired National Detective for Corporate investigation. One of our employee leaking client's information to Other company. Thanks National Detective team to help us. Great Service.  

Deepak Kushwaha (Bangalore)

Case Studies of Private Detective Service In Bangalore

Case from Bangalore related to Post matrimonial Detective Service: A couple was married eight years ago. Both were living happily it was arranged marriage. Husband was lawyer in high court. Couple have two kids.

But after some years of marriage there was very change in behavior of the wife which was trouble for husband. She was not giving any attention to him neither she was taking care of her children. She had also started working in a BPO company at night shift. She was spending lot of time with her friends and neighborhood in party, swimming,shopping,movie and other activities.

The husband try to make her interested in family rather than other activities but she ignored him. She was also not interested in her kids so all those behavior were very distressful to him. One day he went out of city for some work of a client. He said he will return after seven days but the work completed within three days and he backed home.

When he returned home he watched a party was thrown by her at the home to her friends and she never discussed about this. He got very upset why is she hiding her activities ? Why is she not taking care of her children? What are the reasons for change in behavior? After discussing with family he decided to hire private investigator to know his all activities and moments. He called our National Detective Agency and hire our private detective services.

He explained all his stories and problems we took the basic information from him and started investigation. Working time of the lady was night shift so detectives were instructed for being active during night hours.

At the first day of investigation was all the activities were very normal. She went for the job and returned home and during day hours she was at home. In starting three days of surveillance all activities were normal. After three days our detective team noticed she was spending good time with one of his male friend.

Detectives also noticed she was with his friend in garden and coffee shop. We reported our client about this and produced evidence as photos, videos and recordings. Later she confessed about her relationship with her friend and that male friend was suggesting her to maintain distance with her kids and family. She regretted a lot about and her loving husband forgiven her. Both are living happily. Name and address of the client are hidden for confidential purpose.

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