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We Are Best Detective Agency In Delhi

National Detectives is the best certified detective agency in Delhi NCR who offers top class Investigation services in Delhi. We already Investigated over thousands of cases including 100’s of high profile cases. Majority of these cases were related to Pre matrimonial Investigation like Background Check, Information Verification and Post matrimonial Investigation such as Loyalty Test, Spouse cheating cases. We are the team of 5000+ private detectives that make us Largest Network of Private Investigator in Delhi India.

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About Detective Agency In Delhi

Our Agency is the leading Certified Detective Agency in Delhi NCR, handling personal and corporate investigation matters. We are a professionally managed organization in the area of investigations and we are well established in the field, providing adequate service that may be termed to be the 'Best' or ‘safest’. Over a decade, our main command expertise in multi-pronged investigations with vast experience is making us to successfully handle various complex and a times offensive assignments. Our agency is a 'One Stop Shop' in the region of investigation or verification, be it a corporate related issues, individual or a private related investigations.

National Detectives offer Pre matrimonial investigation, Post matrimonial investigation , Sting Operation Service, Loyalty test and many other services under Personal Detective Agency in Delhi. All you need to share you problem with us as deeply as possible so that we can do proper investigation to help you. We Believe that Privacy is most important and we Maintain Privacy of all our clients.

We are a Qualified Professionally Trained Private Detective, We are member of World Association of Detectives, Pinkerton National Detective Agency and A Body of Group of Private Detectives and Investigators. Our agency is also supported by modern technologies which consist of hidden powerful cameras, GPS tracking system for sting operations, cyber software and so on, this do not only provide us with an edge over other companies but also assist in executing complex cases in India and across Globe. Although we are the best  Government Certified Detective Agency in Delhi , our operations are not limited to Delhi, but all over India as a whole, with the help of dependable and reliable associates. We supervise each case personally and also work with only true, honest and dedicated professionals.

We are professional to the core and result oriented with "Quality" as the bottom line of our work. No other Detective Agency in Delhi(North East West South) can match the standard we have set for ourselves over the years, and we vociferously allow this play a significant role in our working methodology. In our agency, it is never felt that quantity might bring in more revenue and add affluence, it remains an obstruction for a self-esteem and job satisfaction, which invariably reprieves clients the satisfaction they deserve. We like to dedicate maximum attention to our clients at all time.

National Detective aim to be an absolutely professional investigative agency meeting the best international standards. At the national level, we set an excellent standard in counter terrorism and other national security investigations by progressing into a highly trained, partnership oriented workforce. With our team work and quality services, we are very fast and effective to carry out our services to suit you. With our strength, we are eligible to serve you all various kinds of private investigation services. All you have to do is to give us all raw details concerning your problems or your worries and leave the rest in our hands. We have the team of female detectives in Delhi as well.

detective agency in delhi

As a top Certified  Detective Agency in Delhi NCR, we can guarantee you that we respect the privacy of our clients, every piece of information given to us will remain safe and confidential. Your personal details will never be used as a sample case or form of advertisement.

What Does Private Detectives Do?
Pre Matrimonial Investigations

Our Services

We Offers all Kind of Personal and Corporate Detective Service to solve your problems. Few Among them listed below.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

pre marital verification

Our Private Detective Agency appoint you dedicated detective to investigate your potential life partner. We believe that Marriages are made in heaven but we also recommend you to get all information about your partner before getting into relationship. Your private detective will investigate about Family background, Financial Strength, Education, Job or Business, Habits, Previous Relationships secretly so that you can make wise decision. 

Teenager Monitoring

teenager Monitoring

As Your Kids Grows , Their Risk taking capacities also grows. They want to do Social Experiment with their life and Most of them end with bad fate, fall into trouble like Drugs, Drinking and Driving having unprotected Physical Relationship and many other. To Track Your Teen's Activities, You must hire Private Detective so that you know Your Kids and Take appropriate actions before its too late.

Employee Investigation

employee investigation

Employees are extremely important part of any Business and Organization. A single bad employee can take your entire business into risk and damage your brand value or reputation that you earned by working hard in years. Our Private Detective agency offers you Best Solution for Employee investigation in India that will help you to know your employee like background of employee, Nature of employee, Honesty, Experience and Much More. 

Post Matrimonial Investigation

post marital investigation

Do your Spouse Activities look suspicious? Do you really know about your life partner's daily activities? You Must protect your relationship by taking corrective actions by hiring Our Private Detective Agency who can Investigate daily activities of your life partner. It include Where your partner spent time, details of peoples your partner interacted, Phone calls, SMS, Social Media Interactions and much more. All Information will be confidential.

Evidence Collection

evidence collection

Do You fall Into any kind of Legal Trouble? You know the facts but don't have evidence to prove it? Evidence collection is very essential requirement of successful litigation in cases related to all types of court matters. Our Expert Private Detective Team will help you find our evidence by knowing facts related to your case and help you in getting out of Legal Troubles as soon as possible. Call Us Now.

Personal Investigation

personal investigation

World is changing so fast, So We are busy in our day to day life to adopt that change. We See New faces daily and few of them become part of our daily life. We don't know much about their past, their family background or these people are actually trustworthy? Something All This end with Legal Troubles. Hire Private Detective Agency For Personal Investigation to track activities of targeted person Anywhere in India. This Service Help you to know True Identity of Targeted person.

Few Words From Clients In Delhi About Our Certified Detective Agency

Ashok Chhabaria (Delhi)

My Son had arranged marriage but after 2 months, he was not obeying his responsibilities toward his wife and had affair with one girl. To find out more information, We Hired the best Detected Agency in Delhi (National Detective) Who can provide Top Class Private Detective Service to shadow my Son. We Got lot of information from Private Detectives that enabled us to take appropriate actions to get my son on right track. I personally Recommend This Agency.

Ashok Chhabaria (Delhi)
Ankut Kashyap (Delhi)

I was searching on internet , regarding possibility of certified detective services in Delhi for matrimonial cross examination. Being a personal family affair, I never wanted it to discuss within my own circle, so i found National detectives, their reviews were good, I called them and got the real feedback and solution i was looking for. I am happy that i decided to chose them for this task... It helped me from taking right decisions !!

Ankut Kashyap (Delhi)
Sakshi Gupta (Delhi)

National Detective Agency just saved my life. On Facebook, I liked a Boy. After sometime had few dates with him on public places. I discussed the matter with my mother. My Parents rejected him. I forced they said okay but lets do proper investigation till then i was not allowed to meet him. My Father Hired detective agency in Delhi. Sting Operation was done. Results were shocking to me. He was a fraudster and had many relationships with other girls too. Private Detective did Great Job.

Sakshi Gupta (Delhi)
Kartik Mishra (Delhi)

My wife started blackmailing me by Threatening of false Dowry Case. I contact a  lawyer who suggested me to hire Certified National Detective Agency who provide private detective service in Delhi. Collection of Evidence was done perfectly. Team Looked Highly skilled and experienced. All Precaution were made to handle my critical case. I don't have words to thank National Detective. Highly Recommended. Best Agency in Delhi.

Kartik Mishra (Delhi)

Case Studies of Private Detective Service In Delhi

There was a family in some society in Delhi their daughter was Bank PO. So they were thinking about her marriage and searching groom for her. One day her mother was discussing about marriage with neighborhood and she came to know that her neighborhood's son was doctor in Kolkata.

After discussion both family agreed for the marriage. After marriage couple were happily living together. After some months of marriage. One day the woman got suspicious that her husband is not a doctor. She asked her husband about this but he accepted that he is a doctor.

Almost two years passed, the woman's sister came to stay with her for some days as her examination was over and it was summer vacation. Her sister noticed that her brother in law is not house around 12 PM and returning back to home at 4 PM. She became doubtful that he is a doctor and she told to her sister about this. The lady suspicion became more stronger that her husband is not a doctor.

Since marriage her husband didn't spent a single money on household expenses everything was bought by her neither he gifted her anything nor he paid for dinner anytime. She got very worried and discussed with her family about this issue. She asked his registration number and in which hospital is he working ? He didn't share any information.

She decided to investigate about him what is he doing ? Where is he working ? She called to our Private detective agency in Delhi and discussed her story and she hired private detective service for investigation of her case. We send our investigating team for surveillance of the suspect. Detective team arrived at the location of the target.

At first day of investigation he didn't step out from the house. So we requested the lady to stay at home until he didn't leave house. Next day he left the house our detective team started following and shadowing him. He went to nearest metro which was about 2 KM from his house. He covered that distance by walking and he took metro after 4 station he left it. He went to nearest garden. he spend their 3-4 hours under a tree by watching people walking near by him. He ate his lunch in garden. After lunch he took the metro and went to home.

Third day detectives followed him from his home and same activities was noticed.. Fourth day he traveled through bus and went to India gate and he returned back to home in the evening. After seven days of surveillance it was confirmed that he was jobless and he didn't have any source of income. 

Outcome of Private Detective Investigation in Delhi

He was also not a doctor. We submitted the report to lady. Later it was revealed that his family was too involved in this fraud. So we suggest our every client for pre matrimonial investigation whether it is boy or girl before marriage there should be proper and correct knowledge about work, character, social status and behavior.

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