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We Can Appoint You Best Private Detectives in Delhi to Fulfil Your Investigation Need. Our Investigators are Well Experienced in Matrimonial investigation, Surveillance Services. Highly Confidential Investigation Process To Maintain Your Privacy. 



When it comes to personal and corporate investigation matters, National Detectives stands as the leading Certified Detective Agency in Delhi NCR.

With our professional management and extensive experience, we offer top-notch services that are regarded as the ‘Best’ and ‘Safest’ in the industry.

Whether you require assistance with corporate issues or individual-related investigations, we are your reliable one-stop shop for all your investigative needs.

Wide Range of Services

National Detectives specializes in a comprehensive range of investigation services. From pre and post matrimonial investigations to sting operations, loyalty tests, and more, our Personal Detective Agency in Delhi covers it all.

We understand the importance of privacy, and we prioritize maintaining the confidentiality of all our clients. By sharing your concerns in detail, we ensure a thorough investigation to provide you with the support you need.

Qualified and Technologically Advanced

Our agency takes pride in being a Qualified Professionally Trained Private Detective. As members of prestigious associations such as the World Association of Detectives, Pinkerton National Detective Agency, and a body of Group of Private Detectives and Investigators, we adhere to the highest professional standards.

Moreover, we stay ahead of the curve with modern technologies, including hidden cameras, GPS tracking systems, and cyber software. These tools not only give us an edge over other agencies but also enable us to handle complex cases in India and across the globe with precision.

Nationwide Reach

While we are recognized as the best Government Certified Detective Agency in Delhi, our operations extend far beyond the city limits.

With the help of dependable and reliable associates, we serve clients throughout India. Regardless of your location, our team ensures personal supervision of each case, working exclusively with true, honest, and dedicated professionals.

You can trust us to provide meticulous attention to detail and cater to your needs effectively.

Quality And Client Satisfaction

At National Detectives, we prioritize professionalism and results. Our core focus lies in delivering quality services, and we have set a standard that no other Detective Agency in Delhi, be it in the north, east, west, or south, can match. Unlike agencies driven by quantity for revenue, we believe in job satisfaction and esteem, which ultimately leads to client satisfaction.

We dedicate maximum attention to our clients at all times, ensuring their needs are met with the utmost care and dedication.

Commitment to Excellence

We aims to be an absolutely professional investigative agency that meets the best international standards.

We have established an excellent reputation in counter-terrorism and national security investigations at the national level.

With our highly trained and partnership-oriented workforce, we work collaboratively to provide fast and effective services that cater to your specific requirements.

Regardless of the nature of your investigation, you can trust our strength and expertise in delivering various kinds of private investigation services.

Our Services In Delhi

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Teenager Monitoring Service

Surveillance Services

Asset Verification

Corporate Investigation

Personalized Solutions to Meet Your Investigation Needs

Provide Details
Provide Details
Share relevant information and details about your problem and the specific information you are seeking. This is most essential part to initiate investigation.
Time Estimation
Time Estimation
Receive an estimated time frame for the investigation process, including the time needed to conduct the investigation and gather the required information.
Specialized Investigation
Specialized Investigation
Depending on the nature of your case, our highly skilled Private Investigators will conduct specialized investigations tailored to your needs. We specialize in both surveillance and matrimonial-related investigations.
Thorough Information Collection
Thorough Information Collection
Our dedicated investigators will diligently gather all the necessary information and evidence related to your case within the agreed timeframe.
Comprehensive Reports
Comprehensive Reports
You will receive detailed and comprehensive reports containing all the relevant findings and details of the investigation in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a detective agency?

A detective agency is a professional organization that offers investigative services to individuals, businesses, or government entities. They employ trained investigators who gather information, conduct surveillance, and provide solutions to various types of cases.

Why would someone hire a detective agency?

People may hire detective agencies for various reasons. Some common reasons include suspicions of infidelity or cheating in a relationship, concerns about a potential business partner or employee, locating missing persons, resolving legal disputes, gathering evidence for court cases, or conducting due diligence for business purposes.

What services do detective agencies offer?

Detective agencies offer a wide range of services, including background checks, surveillance, pre and post matrimonial investigations, corporate investigations, fraud investigations, missing person investigations, asset searches, and more. The specific services offered may vary from agency to agency.

Is hiring a detective agency legal?

In India, Hiring a detective agency is legal in many jurisdictions, as long as the agency operates within the boundaries of the law. However, it's important to note that the legality of certain investigative methods, such as recording conversations or accessing personal information, may vary depending on local laws.

What information do I need to provide to initiate an investigation?

To initiate an investigation, you will typically need to provide relevant details and background information related to the case. This may include names, addresses, photographs, dates, and any other relevant information that can assist the investigators in their work.

How long does an investigation take?

The duration of an investigation can vary greatly depending on the nature of the case, the availability of information, and other factors. Some investigations can be resolved quickly, while others may require more time and resources. The detective agency should provide an estimated timeline based on the specifics of your case.

How do detective agencies conduct their investigations?

Detective agencies use a combination of methods and techniques to conduct investigations. This may include surveillance, background research, interviewing witnesses, gathering and analysing evidence, forensic analysis, and utilizing technology and specialized equipment. The specific methods employed depend on the nature of the case and the expertise of the agency.

How confidential are detective agency services?

Confidentiality is a crucial aspect of detective agency services. Reputable agencies have strict policies in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of their clients. It's important to discuss confidentiality concerns with the agency and ensure that they prioritize client confidentiality throughout the investigation process.

Can detective agency findings be used in legal proceedings?

The findings and evidence collected by a detective agency can be used in legal proceedings, provided they are obtained through legal and ethical means. It's advisable to consult with legal professionals to understand the admissibility of such evidence in your specific jurisdiction.

How much do detective agencies charge?

The cost of hiring a detective agency varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the case, the location, the duration of the investigation, and the specific services required. Some agencies charge an hourly rate, while others may offer package rates for certain types of investigations. It's best to discuss the details of the case with the agency and obtain a clear understanding of their pricing structure.

How do I choose a reliable detective agency?

To choose a reliable detective agency, you should consider factors such as their reputation, experience in the field, client testimonials, and the qualifications and expertise of their investigators. It's also important to ensure that the agency operates within the legal boundaries and maintains confidentiality.

Few Words From Clients In Delhi

My Son had arranged marriage but after 2 months, he was not obeying his responsibilities toward his wife and had affair with one girl. To find out more information, We Hired the best Detected Agency in Delhi (National Detective) Who can provide Top Class Private Detective Service to shadow my Son. We Got lot of information from Private Detectives that enabled us to take appropriate actions to get my son on right track. I personally Recommend This Agency.
Ashok Chhabaria (Delhi)
I was searching on internet , regarding possibility of certified detective services in Delhi for matrimonial cross examination. Being a personal family affair, I never wanted it to discuss within my own circle, so i found National detectives, their reviews were good, I called them and got the real feedback and solution i was looking for. I am happy that i decided to chose them for this task... It helped me from taking right decisions !!
Ankit kashyap
Ankit Kashyap (Delhi)
National Detective Agency just saved my life. On Facebook, I liked a Boy. After sometime had few dates with him on public places. I discussed the matter with my mother. My Parents rejected him. I forced they said okay but lets do proper investigation till then i was not allowed to meet him. My Father Hired detective agency in Delhi. Sting Operation was done. Results were shocking to me. He was a fraudster and had many relationships with other girls too. Private Detective did Great Job.
Sakshi Gupta (Delhi)
My wife started blackmailing me by Threatening of false Dowry Case. I contact a lawyer who suggested me to hire Certified National Detective Agency who provide private detective service in Delhi. Collection of Evidence was done perfectly. Team Looked Highly skilled and experienced. All Precaution were made to handle my critical case. I don't have words to thank National Detective. Highly Recommended. Best Agency in Delhi.
Kartik Mishra (Delhi)

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