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Child Custody

Child Custody

The National Detective Agency India is your partner in all the family and business issues that you face. As the best private detective firm in India, we are aware of the dangers you face when taking care of your family. With your busy schedule, it will be hard for you to take care of your loved ones without our expertise in this area. For example, the whereabouts and activities of your child have been found to be some of the main causes of stress in parents. These aspects undermine the child custody in terms of the responsibilities of the parent to take care of their children and the children to make the right choices. If you recently went through a divorce, you need our expert services to ensure your child is well taken care of.

Lucky for you, you have the best kind of help from the National Detective Agency with its team of experts at your beck and call. If you have a teenager whose safety or activities you fear for, you only need to pay us a visit. After giving us a few details about your child, we will take care of the rest. Among the details we will require about your child include their name, picture, school, social activities such as their hobbies, their group of friends, and the activities you suspect they are engaging in. Also, their safety as far as those who are responsible for them is concerned is of paramount importance. With this information, we will take up the case and get back to you with the information you require.

Our services have many benefits mainly ensuring your child custody is effective. First of all, we will ensure the security of your child. Our private investigators will not interfere with the activities of your child in any way. As a matter of fact, they will pass along as common people if ever your child or their guardian met them in their daily activities. Their role is not to guide them or take part in their life but to collect the information you need about them. Having such surveillance will also ensure your child is safe and secure at all times given that any accidents or activities that hurt them will be seen. If they are involved in an accident, the investigator will help them out without blowing their cover. If possible, they can prevent accidents that are unknown to the child.

Secondly, the investigators save the future of your child by bringing you information on their whereabouts and the activities they are engaging in. We all know the effects of drug abuse and involvement in gangs and other crimes. Before your child does something that will land them behind bars, we will be there to inform you so that you take the needed measures to save their future. If they are also being neglected, you will be notified of this aspect to take the needed steps.
Lastly, we ensure the custody of your child remains as manageable as possible. With information on the whereabouts of your child, what they are engaging in, or the type of care they are receiving from other people, you can be sure what your role as a parent in their life is what it should be. We ensure you have the rights to visit your child whenever you need it with our expert services. Call or pay us a visit and we will be on your case in no time.

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