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Credibility Investigation

Credibility Investigation

Credibility Investigation

In any company, there are bound to occur countless accusations and counteracting accusations on what had happened. You will find it hard asserting who is telling the truth and who is not. To establish the credibility of each employee’s allegations, we will carry out a thorough credibility investigation for all those involved to ensure you make the right decision. At the National Detective Agency of India, you are assured that you will get to the root of the matter in the shortest time possible.

We will focus on finding the evidence either for or against the allegations being made in your firm. With a long track record of digging out evidence in the most complex situations, you are assured of getting to the root of the matter with the help of the best private detective company in India. The National Detective Agency of India will turn every stone to give you the evidence you need to decide on who is lying and who is telling the truth.

Whenever we interrogate the people involved in the case at hand, we focus on how their baseline behavior changes. Baseline behavior entails various forms of mannerisms such as their eye contact, level of comfort, and general body language to establish whether their statements are true or not. Our experts have the best training and experience in this field to know exactly what to do to find out what they want. For the most part, what may seem normal to you may be an indication of guilt on the part of the employee.

At times, when detectives from the National Detective Agency of India are carrying out their services, they come across cases where some employees give evasive answers in an effort to throw off the investigation and its efforts to nail the culprit in a given situation. Our trained interrogators always find out such behavior and soon find the party that is speaking the truth from the one that is lying. You want to find out the truth just as much as we do. Leave us the task of doing so.

We deal with all kinds of witnesses to arrive at the best results in our credibility investigation exercise. For a start, we will deal with those who witnessed the issue and have vested interest. They include fellow coworkers and their friends who could have seen the incident occur. The problem with such witnesses is that they may lie to protect their friends from trouble. That is why we deal with contemporaneous witnesses who witnessed the issue but do not have any personal interests at all. This group will help us ensure you get the truth as fast as it is possible.

With over five thousand detectives and other experts spread out in India, we ensure you spend as little time and money on establishing the credibility of an incident as possible. You only need to give us a call and we will be on your case in the shortest time possible.

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