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Pre Marital Investigation which helped to get married to lover

National Detective Agency has helped lot of people across India. This is one of the case in which our Detective Agency In Delhi helped a couple when they were in trouble. 

There was a girl and boy they were in love. Both were living happily together they also had planned to get married. Both were working in Delhi in ad agency company. Everything was going very well in their life. Now time has come to talk to parents regarding the marriage. So both decided to talk their parents. Boy’s family was ready for the marriage unfortunately the girl’s family was not ready for the marriage. As the girl’s family was richer than boy. So they were very sad after this incident because they were not going to get married.

After some months the girl’s family started to search groom for the girl. The engagement also happened but girl was not happy because she didn’t want to get married with other person. She tried to resist but could not succeed. The boy was also very sad and they did not have any clue what to do? And how to do? One day the girl contacted my through website and she asked help to get married to her boyfriend. Our Detectives In Delhi offered her Pre Marital Investigation so that any thing found wrong in the fiancé could stop this marriage. Case was transferred to detective agency in delhi for investigation and verification of fiancé. In the background verification of fiancé team found that he had also a girlfriend and his family forced him to marry other girl. Finally we updated this information to our client. She asked to arrange a meeting with finance and to reopen the case. After discussion both agreed to cancel the marriage. By any how both family convinced to cancel the marriage.

Some months later both again tried for convincing their parents now their parents agreed and they got married. They have two beautiful kids today and they are happily living together. Clients identity and information is hidden for confidential purpose.

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